A heartwarming ballad written by Julieann Ervin. Enjoy.

Love It!

Just wanted to say that I love The Veritas Online. Keep up the good work! I was amazed looking at the website. Everything is very well written and fun to read. Thanks for all the great news!

- Abby Strickland

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DSC_0016Mrs. Joan Cawood, Tennessee Christian Preparatory School neighbor.

By Addie Ann Dowdy

As you are coming into the school, you Continue Reading »

“I almost puked. It scarred me for life.” – Addie Ann Dowdy, TCPS sophomore

By Katie O’Malley

On August 24, Tennessee Christian Preparatory School was given a calf to dissect. It had died the Continue Reading »

Who Is This Lady?

DSC_0016She’s TCPS’s neighbor! Get to know her soon when Addie Ann Dowdy uncovers the secrets of her life.

Dear Hulk,

Unfortunately, we at The Veritas don’t feel comfortable including your requests on our school website.

First, no one Continue Reading »

Need Equipment

The Veritas is in need of some equipment. If you have either of the following and are willing to donate it, we would be greatly appreciative.

1. A working digital camera that has a USB wire to connect to the computer.

2. A working digital recorder that connects to the computer via USB.

If you have either of these, you may give it to Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Harper, Dr. Balzano, Mr. Brantley or anyone in journalism.


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